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Our Values
Our Values at Mount Nelson Primary School

At Mount Nelson Primary School we are guided by and take responsibility for passing on the importance of our core values to our students and the broader community.

These core values are:

Respect is the foundation on which, communication, connections and significant relationships are built

We believe that all children have the right to be happy and safe and that learning occurs more efficiently if this is the case.

Being a Team Player
We recognise that working together is the best way to meet challenges and to make full use of the talents and experiences that our staff, students, families and the wider school community have to share.  We communicate openly with each other.  We provide opportunities for all members of our community to work in teams and establish partnerships that benefit the wellbeing of the whole school and wider community.

Twenty first century living will require flexibility in dealing with the changing environment and technologies and this will be supported by the understanding of the need for continuous  learning. Our world will in this time continue to celebrate innovation in all areas and our community will be the richer for its members embracing and leading originality of thought and action.

We believe all children can achieve and we have high expectations of students, staff and our community.  As a community we shall celebrate excellence in both effort and product.