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Our Policies

Mount Nelson Primary School Policies

At Mount Nelson Primary we have an enthusiastic parent and community that work with us to enrich our childrens education.  As parent help or a guest speaker there are requirements that must be followed to ensure every childs safety and these requirements are outlined here.  Please come and be a part of our wonderful classes and learning opportunities.  Community & Parent Participation Policy

Our school has a strong values based approach to student relationships and behaviour.  As such it is the responsibility of our school to explicitly teach our values and for their to be support for each child to understand them.  We realise children make mistakes but believe strongly that with parent and school support every child can develop the skills to build strong positive relationships.  Our Positive Behaviour Support Policy and our Anti Bullying Policy

In our school ICT is an essential and exciting learning tool.  We take pride in the way our children use and take responsibility for the equipment and understand both positive and negatives associated with interet based activities.              ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

Reporting to parents is a mandartory requirement but at Mount Nelson Primary School we take pride in not just our written reports but the access to our staff for updates at any time during the school year.  Reporting Policy

As a school we are very aware of the damage the sun can do and the importance of vitamin D and as such we have a Sunsmart School Policy developed by the Cancer Council of Tasmania. SunSmart

As with all state schools there are costs associated with learning activities and we work to ensure these costs are kept to a minimum and support will be given to any families that require specific support or help in any way. 2019 School Levies 

We are a small school and the placing of students is quite restricted but we work hard to support each childs learning as a first priority while understanding the significance of friends and relationships.  Class Placement Policy