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How to enrol your child at Mount Nelson Primary School.


Step 1     Come and visit and have a look around.  This is not required, but you will love our school once you visit us. You can collect all the forms and information outlined below from the school office at any time.

Step 2     Print out this Tasmanian Government school's enrolment application - Information for Parents and Guardians.

Step 3     Print out and fill out application for Enrolment Form.

Step 4     Post or deliver to us at 388 Nelson Rd, Mount Nelson  TAS  7007.

Other information required

We will need to sight original documents which show

  • your child's proof of identity,
  • your childs' immunisation history,
  • the enrolling parent's proof of identity, and
  • evidence of address.

My name is Peter Walker and I am our school's Principal and would love to speak to you about us and how we can work together to support your child as they are nurtured, inspired and strive through their primary school years.